Laser Tag Praha

LaserTag (military Laser Game) is a gaming simulation, that uses replicas of real guns and safe infrared beam together with calibrated sensor receptors, it can be played without the need for additional protective gear. Each of the players is equipped with an electronic weapon system and a set of sensors worn on the head used to register hits. The range of the system, under optimal conditions, can be up to 200m during the day and up to 350m at dusk, depending on the chosen weapon system. The infrared beam used is specially calibrated so as not to cause harm to either the players or the environment. It is not affected by wind nor ballistics, it is after all a beam of light. The electronics used on the  weapons system simulate real behaviour of the weapon, whilst keeping track of the player’s statistics and evaluates the progress of the game.

The Laser Tag system allows for a wide variety of gaming scenarios and is easily expandable to allow the use of additional technology and specialized equipment, such as hand grenades, bombs, claymore mines, classic and electronic flags as well as additional system mounted on vehicles or buildings. These elements of Laser Tag allow for additional scenarios and tactics to be introduced, such as sniper teams, the use of camouflage and especially team cooperation. Laser Tag can be played anywhere, curtailed only by your imagination as to what fighting scenario or game type you choose. Plus, because the game is completely monitored electronically there are stats available after every round ready for you to view, analyze and discuss.

The heart of the entire system, responsible for monitoring the entire progress of the game is a weapon mounted piece of electronic called an An-Peq. Whilst keeping statistics and displaying information regarding the player's health or the number of bullets in the magazine, An-Peq is also fully programmable to allow for various professions such as a medic, sniper or an engineer, as well as the addition protection such as a ballistic vest. A small speaker further enhances the experience, reproducing the sounds of realistic gunfire based on the chosen weapon, bullets hitting near by or their mark and finally a siren when dead.